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Carl Schumacher is the President of Executive Career Coaching and has been a Career Coach, Executive and Technical Recruiter since the year 2000. Through his many years of working in the staffing industry he has successfully recruited and coached thousands of individuals in finding new jobs and expanding their careers. As a recruiter, he has also logged thousand of hours of training by the top recruiting trainers in the industry. From this training and his own personal experience, he has developed a customizable series of steps that empowers individuals looking for a change of jobs or careers. The purpose of these steps are to teach you to be able to literally recruit yourself into a job. The term “Recruiter”or "Headhunter" often implies that one goes into a company where a person is employed, and hunts them down, and convinces them to interview and ultimately take a role with a new company. This kind of a tenacious approach is what it takes to be successful as a recruiter. It is also the kind of viewpoint required to be successful for someone looking for a job in the current job market. Executive Career Coaching offers you a method that will help you find a job and succeed. The method is easy to use, straightforward, and utilizes methods that recruiters use to place individuals, but generally not known by job hunters.  In essence, you will recruit yourself into a job by contacting the right decision makers, and you will independently land the right job without the tedium of waiting for responces from the multitude of online applications you have posted.   This step-by-step plan will let YOU take control of your own destiny. For more information on Carl go to: Director of Recruitment at: His Blog: Linkedin at:  On twitter: For group coaching: As Editor and Chief Blogger:
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