How To Get Your Next Job WITHOUT Applying On Job Boards

No Job Boards

You applied to 100 jobs but only got a couple of responses?


My resume was done professionally and looks great.

I am applying to jobs that I have the skills to be considered.

So, what is wrong? Why am I not getting interviews?

For the answer take a look at 2 things that have dramatically changed how hiring is done in the 21st Century

The first is the Internet:

Because of the internet almost all job searching and candidate sourcing is now done online.

In many way’s this is a great thing. With the advent of, Indeed and thousands of other specialized job boards finding a listing of a job that fits what you do is easier than ever.

But unfortunately, because of this, it is also just as easy for everyone else.

The amount of people applying for jobs online these days can be hundreds or even in some cases thousands of applicants.

The Second is Applicant Tracking Systems:

To handle the huge number of applicants, more and more companies are using applicant tracking systems.

With so many people applying for jobs online, applicant tracking systems screen candidates by criteria before anyone ever physically sees their resume.

I have known job seekers who have sent several hundred resumes to online applications to just get one face to face interview.

So, what is the solution?

Guerilla Marketing! You need to bypass the applicant tracking systems or even the gatekeepers between you and the person who could be your next boss and apply directly to them.

Here is how you do it:

  • Find out who the hiring manager or boss who is hiring for the job.
  • Often job positions list who is hiring for the job
  • If not do a little research and find out, using google or Linkedin
  • Find there contact info and send them an email or message them with Linkedin
  • There are many web tools and browser extensions that exist that can help you to find peoples contact info
  • Linkedin has paid packages where you can use Inmails to communicate with them
  • Write a brief message of your interest in the job and invite them to have a brief discussion with you to discuss it
  • Reach out to hiring managers in companies that do not have jobs listed but you would be interested in.
  • Often jobs are not posted because they are looking to replace someone or are not necessarily looking but could be if the right person comes along.

If you want to learn more on how to do Guerilla Marketing for jobs, reach out to me at