The 50+ Year Old’s Job Search

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With people living longer and longer, retirement is becoming later and later and for some not at all. My father lived to 85 years old and continued working all the way up to the day of his passing.

With so many people living so long, the problem occurs on how do people 50, 60, or even 70 years old compete in a job market with so many younger job applicants?

Here are some suggestions:

-Don’t Live in the past

Today you may move a little slower and your hair may be a bit grayer, but if you spend your time dwelling on the good old days, you are missing experiencing today.

-Life has many chapters

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average person changes jobs 12 to 15 times throughout their lifetime.

What you did for work at 20 Is probably different from what you did at 30, and at 40, and now at 50 or 60 or older what you do for work may also be different.

Happiness in your job is as much an attitude as in the work itself.

-Maybe it is time for a reboot

Reevaluate your skills and see what you bring to the table today. Your older and have done more things than when you were younger.

Making money is about exchange, discover what skills do you have that are exchangeable?

-Be Flexible and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box

Working at home, starting your own small business, freelancing or having multiple sources of part time incomes are some great possible options.

There many websites online that offer work that is different from the typical 9-5 job that may be just right for your next chapter in your career.

Some of the top sites that focus on Freelancing jobs include:

There are also websites that are specifically geared for people 50 years or older who are looking for a new job:

You can also network with family, friends, previous business associates, Church members or other groups you belong too.

The key is knowing what you are willing to do and what you have some skills in doing.

Who knows you may have several chapters in your career yet to be experienced.