“The What the F%&k Factor” or What Not To Write In A Resume

Since the year 2000 I have been doing Technical and Executive recruiting and during that time I have reviewed hundreds of thousands of resumes.  From those very many resumes occasionally some
are written so uniquely incorrect, that if a recruiter, HR person or hiring
manager were to read them, by the shear words on the paper  it could potentially elicit a cry of “What the F%&k” !!!
So this than my curious blog reader is the “What the F%&K Factor” or What not to write in a resume.

Here are a couple of real life examples of resumes that demonstrate what I am talking about:

I was given a resume for a VP of Engineering position. His background was pretty typical. He received a BSEE (Bachelors of Electrical Engineering). Started out his career as an Engineer.
After 5 years became an Engineering Manager. After a few more years became a Director of Engineering, then Senior Director than Vice President of Engineering. It made sense, certainly a pretty normal career path.

But hear is where the resume took a left turn. Listed just above his most recent VP position was “Doorman / Bouncer at Joes Tavern”. He described for about a paragraph how he greeted people at the door broke up fights etc. This was a 6 month job.

Shortly after the destruction of the World Trade Center
the Telecom industry crashed. It was not uncommon for people taking just about any job to pay the bills. But my God don’t put it in your resume!

Another case of  “The What the F%&K Factor” occurred when I read the resume of a Senior Director.
You would think after 20 years of experience in business someone would be aware of the do’s  & dont’s of what you can
put in a resume.  Think again…

When reading someone’s resume I typically do not read every bit down to the clubs & hobbies. But on this particular day, on this particular resume I did. And sure enough I was very glad I did before I submitted him to anyone.Listed under organizations was “Grand Marshall of the Covenant of Satan”.  Wow! that definitely caught me
off guard.

Now I believe in the concept of live & let live.  If you want to
worship the devil, cross dress or any number of controversial activities. As long as you are not hurting anyone that is your business.

But the whole point of this blog is if you put something unusual on your resume that stands out, make sure it enhances it and not detracts from it.

If you have stories of that exhibit  the “What The F%&K Factor”
I’d love to hear about them. Just send them to Carl@wirelessexecutiverecruiter.com
 or just add a comment to the blog.