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Ask yourself these questions: If currently employed: Is the job I am doing really making me happy? Am I on a career path that has a future that I look forward to? Do my abilities exceed my current employment? Am I unhappy with my job, but afraid because of the current economy to make a change? If not currently employed: Is my job search going as well as I would like? Does it seem like there are no jobs available that really fit my skills? Are my efforts not getting me the right or enough interviews? Am I getting the right interviews, but still not getting the job?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, maybe it is time to contact Executive Career Coaching  for a Free Consultation
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On the heels of a worldwide recession the job market has become much more difficult to navigate. With unemployment reaching it's highest in decades and companies receiving thousands of applicants for jobs that previously would get them less than a hundred responses, the method you used  as early as 3 years ago to find a job may not work today. The action of getting a job requires much more today than just applying on line and posting your resume on job boards. It requires a good plan. Now what is the anatomy of a good plan?  First it requires a strategy or an elaborate and systematic plan of action. It also requires tactics or detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy.
A good example of this would be at a sporting event. How often have we seen a professional sports team though over matched by talent and experience, loose a game because the other team had applied a strategy that was perfect for the situation, and then unexpectedly wins. Often this is called an upset, because no one expected the underdog to win. The real truth  is that the winning team had a better strategy and applied the right tactics better than their opponent. How true this is in the job market. I cannot tell you how many times I have spoken to disappointed job seekers who applied for a job that they thought they were perfect for but never even got an interview. Or they got an interview but someone else got the role that they know was less qualified. How could this happen? What didn’t they do or know that the person who got the job did?
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