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“Carl goes beyond the traditional outplacement companies in that he first gets to know you, what you're all about both professionally and personally and then gets to work on your behalf.” “He was always available for a quick call and would respond to my emails in a very timely fashion. Through his efforts I was able to secure a senior level position in my field that will allow me to stay in the Chicago area and grow with this exciting company. Thanks Carl! “ D.S.
“I worked with Carl in my recent transition to a new role. As I have usually gotten most of my positions in my career through people I knew, I really had not actually looked for a new position in a long time and felt I needed some help. We started by doing a career assessment test. Then from that put together a strategy of what was the best match for my skills and career aspirations. Then we designed a resume to highlight those skills and aspirations. “ Thank you Carl, I would recommend you to anyone looking for help in their next career opportunity. S.N.
Director of Category Management and Consumer & Shopper Insights
Sr.  Manager Computer & Network Security
After leaving Microsoft after 10 years in senior roles. I needed help to get focused and targeted on the next chapter of my career. I was given “outplacement help “as part of my separation but found it a little “cookie cutter for me “from a big firm. Carl provided excellent advice and counsel and helped me craft my value proposition based on past success as well as aspirations both personal and business. His experience in recruiting was extremely valuable as he knows what hiring managers want and expect. This experience transcends to cover letters targeting hiring executives and coaching in the difficult times in the search process to preparing for the interview. Extremely happy with the process and the results! Lucky to find Carl to help me secure a position in 14 weeks. (In the city I wanted to be in and the market space that I was targeting) -Great value, Great guy and most important great results. D.S.
Sales and Business Development Executive, in Mobility, Cloud, Software & Communications industry.
I had the opportunity to work with Carl when I was planning on transitioning into a new position in a different city. He helped me with career advice, resume writing, interview preparation, job hunting, and salary negotiation. His advice was right on the money and helped me get way more interviews than I would have gotten on my own. He has a unique strategy for searching for job openings, and connecting with people - his strategy really worked for me. I highly recommend his services as a career coach T.A.results. D.S.
Manager IC Engineering
Since I have had a lot of experience interviewing for jobs throughout my career, I assumed that I had it all down – the resume, the interview, the follow-up. And whenever there was no second interview or return call, I blamed it on everyone except myself. And then I met Carl. His advice and input on my resume and cover letter got my phone immediately ringing again. Now, he is working with me on my interview technique. I have no doubt that his feedback will be valuable and utilized by me at my next interview. With today’s current lack of jobs and overabundance of applications, Carl’s advice has a way of getting a resume noticed and a potential candidate interviewed. B.B.
B2B Digital Marketing and Media Strategist
I recommend working with Carl to anyone that is looking for a new position or who wants to make a change in their career. He is an excellent career coach/recruiter working with you very much like the coach of a sports team helping an individual player. He does not give up when circumstances are tough, he helps you stay positive when things does not go your way, and he will work with you through all the steps from resume writing, marketing, and negotiating until you land that next position or career change that you have been pursuing. If there is a Career Coach of the Year Award, my nominee is Carl!  S.B.
Vice President, International Business Development
I have worked on my resume writing skills for my whole career and have never found anything that comes close to "How to Write an Effective Resume"! I read the e-book, then spent about 4 hours to completely overhaul my resume. That was the first resume that I ever loved! All my previous versions were just a chore to write and to read. However, the proof is in the pudding, as it were. I handed my resume to a hiring manager yesterday. He looked it over for about 30 seconds and said: "Wow, impressive!". Today I had a phone interview and tomorrow I meet with him and the CEO. Thanks Carl! RH
I worked with Carl as Career Coach and also as a Recruiter. Although I believe my resume was strong and my search was getting interviews, the adjustment Carl made to my resume and also how I marketed myself, got me the right interviews, and I am now working at a great new job. In fact the first three companies I approached using Carl’s direct Marketing techniques got me interviews. One client was so impressed with how I was able to get to him past the companies screening process that the CEO grilled me for a hour on how I did it. Even the best athletes’ need a coach to bring out the best In them. Thank you Carl for helping me be my Best! EK